Ahad, 18 Disember 2011

Video - lagi hudud PAS.

Have you watch the video in youtube?

Just go to youtube and type hudud pas sembang rakyat.

Try and watch it.

For me..It is so annoying..Bull shit.


People who involved with the video should repent to Allah. Taubat nasuha.

I'm not a politician.
I'm not a member to any party.

I'm also not an ustaz. Just a person who only have basic (very2 basic) in Islamic studies.

But when it come to verses from Allah, who are to deny and condem it?

Hudud is stated in Quran. So for muslim we can't take it lightly.

Allah created us, and He knows what is the best for us.

I believe, the people behind the video is Muslim. And I pray to Allah may that culprit realised that what he has done is really really WRONG.

Don't agree with me? Buzz out.

2 ulasan:

aReLaN berkata...

mse tgk tu mmg panas gler la.nk kutuk parti atau org tak kisah sgt pn tp ble kutuk hukum ALLAH,mmg cari bala la tu.tgk org yg dlm video tu pn,masya-ALLLAH.mcm tu nk sembang psl hudud.mmg xpyh la.nilah masalh ble dh taksub sgt ngan parti smpi agama pn ltak tepi.

nurfauzi berkata...

kesian benarnya.
orang jadi makin benci dengan parti pemerintah


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