Khamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Again about MLM

(again...forgive my poor english...)

I,ve posted here in my blog about aididmuadib blog.

Honestly, i do follow this blog because the facts given in that blog is really helping me to understand MLM and do make sense.

You can see many comments for one article. Even MLMers (mlm members) also comments. And the debate between MLMers and anti MLMers keep going on every day.

I also take part sometimes by giving comment, usually regarding to syariah issues, since i have basic knowledge about muamalat and islamic economy.
(i'm not an expert....also not ustaz...Graduate from Academy of Islamic Studies, UM doesn't mean you are automatically can be called ustaz )

But when it comes to scientific and statistic (math) i just read it. It is hard to me to give comment since math and science is not my field. I avoid debate with MLMers when it comes to science and math because it will take maybe years for me to understand about the facts given. So i leave it to others to 'screw' the MLMers when it comes to sciences and math.

But can't stand it  when the MLMers keep arguing and say that their company is doing nothing against the syariah and comply with JAKIM MLM Guideline. It is bull shit. Seriously.

And they can't give any reasonable answer when i ask details about the syariah issues.

My question is simple, how can we clarify the MLM company not against syariah if the company is against the JAKIM MLM guideline?
Why the company did't act and appoint Syariah Panel to check their marketing plan and products?
In some cases like Qnet/ Questnet, since they didn't appoint syariah panel/advisor, how they can clarify their company is "Halal MLM"?

Even scholars sometimes make mistake and give unreasonable answer regarding to MLM.
(Dr Badrulamin / Ustaz Badrulamin. Even he is PHD holder (law) and have years of experiences as lecturer,  I strongly disagree with him when he says MLM bonus is just like 'pahala')

The comparison is unvalid. Seriously if i use that statement in my final year project paper (research), aiyoh...My lecturer for sure will scold me, throw my draft into dustbin..

But actually it is "isu lama". Maybe he change his mind when he knows about the guidelines from JAKIM.

Don't argue, comment / debate if you don't have basic knowledge about certain issues.
For ustaz, please be careful when giving comments and answer. It is better to say "i don't know" than giving wrong answer.

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