Isnin, 12 September 2011

Minus one Nasyid

there are so many minus one from the site. For those (usually school and aipta students) who want to perform nasyid, you can just just search the song at the link provided.

Back at the moment, when i'm still studying in UM, i've joined a nasyid team called Irfan. My friend invited me since it was hard for them to find team mate who can commit to the group. Our Irfan group is just a small group with 6 under graduate student.

When it come to performance, we will face this kind of problem - who want to play the percussion for bacground music? (we can't keep singing acapella song all the time. plus, we are not so good when it come to acapella). Where can we find the minus one for the requested song? Sometimes the organizer make request for certain it is hard for us to to face the problem. I myself have to search MTV Karaoke for nasyid song and, convert the video (without lead voice..if avaialble) to audio file, burn it into CD and bla bla bla....

But now, we can easily find the minus one through internet......

I really miss the team!

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