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How to play djembe

(Kali ni den nak cakap omputeh sikit..tapi den tau memang bersepah la, Lagi-lagi grammar. Tapi den tak poduli. Den hentam joo)

How to be a beginner djembe player? Fisrt, get a djembe of course. No matter your own djembe or not, you must have adjembe if you want to beat a djembe. But if you want to get your own djembe, i would like to suggest LP Aspire brand. Look at the image below.

This kind of djembe will cost you about RM750. But the actual price depend on the seller. The best is, try to bargain the price. I've bought this kind of djembe for RM600. Maybe the 'tauke' of the music shop want to clear his stock, so i guest i was lucky to get the price.

I also suggest to djembe beginner (like me) to buy modern or mechanically tuned djembe because it is easier for us to tuned the djembe, compare to traditional djembe (rope tune). You can tune your djembe easily and change the skin just by yourselves. The choices is your. But for me, modern djembe would be great.

So now we have the djembe. How do we play / beat it?

Basically, 3 things you have to know is how to beat the bass, slap and open.(same with conga beat)

The video below will make it clear.

To do the bass is easy. So do the open/tone sound. But someone might have difficulty with the slap tone. It should sound 'pop' and 'crispy'. At the beginning, i also have trouble to do the slap, espeacially when using conga. Just keep trying and train your hand and finger. You will figure it out how to do the slap.

You can check so many videos about djembe slap at youtube. ( i also learn through youtube, since i can't afford to pay the course fee)

I'll think that's it for now. I'll explain about the calypso rythm later.

Sorry for my poor English.....

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