Ahad, 23 Oktober 2011

Kek Lucah?

I did my blogwalking today and i found this. Kek Enot

You can just goolge and search for it for further information. I don't want to display it here in my blog.

As a muslim, really disappointed and also sad when viewing the photo and read the comments.

Where is your sensitivity Mrs Enot. Gone already?

I hope you'll learn something from it. May Allah forgive you and make you (and us) a good and better Muslim.

Actually i'm speechless...

Ya Allah, please save our children. Please save our generation ya Allah.

4 ulasan:

aReLaN berkata...

enot oh enot.adoi la.ntah pape.kreatif pon biar la bertempat.aiya

nurfauzi berkata...

kesian jugak pada enot tu.
banyak benda yang tak tahu.

ken berkata...

well.. customer request punya kan?

nurfauzi berkata...

yes, bussiness is bussiness.
even that cake is customer request, she shouldn't publish it in facebook.
facebook also used by kids. what do we expect when our kid saw the picture?
and i don't know what she did explain to her children about the cake.

kita tak mahu generasi akan datang anggap perkara macam ni jadi satu kebiasaan.

May Allah guide us


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