Ahad, 30 Oktober 2011

Audit 2010 again

I've read some article regarding to Audit 2010.Same issues every year.

I started reading articles about audit report in 2002, since my 'Pengajian Am' teacher (Cikgu Alias) really encourage us to read about "Belanjawan" and Audit.

Now is 2011, the Audit story remain same. Only a little bit changes with the actor and cases, but the point and story line is the same.

Don't believe it? Just goole for old articles on Audit report. Same old story.

You can find this type article every year.

Can i say that the statement by MACC is b#ll sh**? MACC, this thing have been repeated for many years. And only now you want to take action? What about last year? Last two years? Just talk, no action taken?

I tought i heard this dialogue last year. And also two year before. Oh, also three year before. Also......

p/s: Rasa kecewa sangat benarnya....Negaraku..

1 ulasan:

aReLaN berkata...

kdg2 tu jd malas nak baca laporan audit tu.nmpk sgt berat sebelahnya.pastu byk bnda ptut gtau tp buat syp je.hmmm


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