Khamis, 15 September 2011

Soft drink is healthy.

(English again....Please forgive my terrible English)

" Mother, can buy a bottle of coke?" " i want orange flavour!"

When i was a kid, i really love soft drinks. Especially orange flavour. The best you have it chill...So refreshing.

But when i grow older, i reallise having soft drink daily is really unhealthy habit. No wonder my parents were so strict when it comes to soft drink. " don't make this as your habit!" my mom said.

The truth

It is only flavoured water with sugar...A lots of sugar...
Drink it every day, you have a bright future to be 'Mr obese" and also 'Mr Diabetes'.
Why? Because the drinks contain s too much sugar and callories. Unburned callories will be kept in our body as fat. That's why you become obese.

During Hari Raya, almost every single house that i visited will serve soft drinks. I didn't know haw many callories i've taken that day...Astaghfirullah..

And for sure, my weight increase again. (after i lost 3 kg during Ramadhan).

Do you like soft drink?

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