Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Make money through internet

(sorry, broken english...  Cadangan dalam artikel ini sesuai untuk pendapatan secare sampingan dan suke-suke sambil melayari internet. Nak beribu-ribu, pergi buat kerja lain ye)

There are several way you can earn money by using internet.

Not by joining scam or MLM / network marketing  etc..

If you have your own blog, try and put advertisement in your blog. Trust me, if you are an active blogger, keep updating your blog, you can earn something. How much? Usually it depends to traffic (how many people view your blog daily).

Right now, i'm using nuffnang as a platform. I put nuffnang add in my blog since September 2011. Until now, i've accumulate about RM45 (aiyoo, very small amount haha). Other blogger can earn hundreds, maybe thousands RM a month (higer traffic means higer income). My blog? Haha. Average only about 50 unique visitor a day. Still far and small compare to ether blog.

But at least i earn something from my blog. So why don't you try nuffnang?

Social network.
Now everybody can earn money from your facebook or twitter. No, not by joining " login face book dapat 100" or "buat duit dengan facebook" scam. That infinity downline is totally scam. Stay away from it.

You can use this platform to earn something:
Churp churp
(but i prefer puuting adds in my blog than using churpchurp dan says.)

Online Survey
So many online survey website in the internet. You can join them and start doing survey. So far i,ve joined these survey:

Aiponline : you can redeem coupon or others with your accumulated points.
Ipanel : they pay you using Paypal. Exchange your points with money. More points you have, more money you can redeem.

I only doing this for fun, not full time. Trust me, if you only focus about money, you will not be happy with blogging.

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