Sabtu, 31 Disember 2011

Score A - please don't me give this kind of answer.

For those who 'pro MLM', sorry i can't help it. Maybe you will feel nothing wrong with the statement.

But for me...I don't know..If they give teh answer in front of me, i might leave and walk away. Or just ignore them.

Come on, even non graduate student can give such answer.

Where the hell is your responsibility towards the 'amanah' given to you to complete your study, use your scolarship wisely. Using your PTPTN or scolarship to join MLM is totally wong. You will be dragged in trouble..

For score A team who give the talk. Please grow up. Don't give such answer to university students.

There are many way they can get and learn softskill. There are so many part time job can be done instead of joining MLM like score A.

Sorry if if i make some one feels butt hurt. You don't agree, just leave this blog. Or you cant leave your comment in proper language, so i can also reply with proper and nice language.

4 ulasan:

ROJAK berkata...

dorang ni selagi tak merana kerana MLM selagi itulah dorang degil nak join MLM jugak.

nurfauzi berkata...

risau jugak mikirkan...dah terhantuk baru terngadah.
dah keluar ribu2 baru terasa rugi...biasa gitu

APAN berkata...

mmg student antara golongan sasaran kot.sebab dorang ada pinjaman or biasiswa...tpi kebanyakan yg aku dengar, xde yg bejaya lagi.huhu...

nurfauzi berkata...

tak dinafikan ada yang boleh dapat ribu-ribu. tapi yang dapat macam tu sikit sangat, banding dengan tak terlungkup.
yang dapat beribu rm tu pun, hasil dari downline. takde downline tak jalan. harapkan jual produk tu pada pengguna akhir, mane ade dapat ribu2


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